Tube Bending Design is Based on the Centerline Coordinates Using the Cartesian Coordinate System

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Tube Forming Engineering & Design
Tube Forming and Machine has an
Engineering and Sales department that can
assist you in specifying your design
requirements, from quote to product
delivery, utilizing 2-D tube layouts and 3-D
solid modeling, we have the capability of
assisting in your design process. Our state
of the art CAD software is updated regularly
to better serve you.

When determining your tube design
specifications, it is suggested that you do
not use bend radii smaller than 1.5 times the
diameter of the tube and if possible avoid
placing radii near the tube end points.

4614 Industrial Row, Oscoda, Michigan 48750
Phone:(989) 739-3323, Fax: (989)739-5403
Prints that identify bend radii and the straight centerline intersection points in an XYZ
format tend to be the preferred method of specifying tube geometry (see Figure 1).
Also, include the tubing outside diameter, wall thickness, material type and any unique
features the tube may have.
Electronic print file formats that we are able to work with are:

* AutoCAD
* Autodesk Inventor
* TubeCAD
* Graphics files (TIFF, JGP, PDF, CGM etc.)
Figure 1